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Kanji Phonetics

Did you know around 60% of jouyou kanji have components in them that give you a hint on how to read them (in on-yomi)?

If I told you 長 is read ちょう (chou), how would 帳, 張 and 脹 be read?

Spoiler alert

They are all read ちょう(chou)!

The Usagi Chan Kanji Phonetics Deck


I made an Anki deck to teach you these components.

There are just over 100 components in the deck.

Audio is included.

Learning these components can help you learn the readings of new words easier!

Make sure you read the description of the deck so you can learn the usage instructions and the pitfalls of the method.

→→→(Download Link)←←←

When should I start this?

If you are doing UsagiSpoon I would start this after your 30 days.

If you are not doing UsagiSpoon, and have been learning for at least a while then I highly recommend you do this deck.

Shameless plug

I make everything for free (and intend to continue making everything free) but I would highly appreciate some patreon subs.