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Dinuz VN recommendations

Original content: dinuz#1926

This is my personal list of "easy" VNs. These are my opinions so you may not have the same experience, especially if you haven't read much before. If that's the case, your first VN is going to be insanely hard. You just have push through, and then you'll be able to comfortably read most other VNs (though you'll probably need to use a texthooker a fair bit)

Cool moege section (Probably do like one of these first, ideally, but if they REALLY aren't you thing, skip ahead)

Kanon is pretty easy

Konosora/If my Heart had Wings is definitely easy

Charabration is pretty easy

Flyable Heart and Nanatsuiro Drops are supposedly really easy

Plot based games:

Aiyoku no Eustia is engaging from the start and hard only in terms of vocabulary. Not terribly hard at all.

Baldr Sky is pretty easy. Prepare for katakana overload.

Chaos Head Noah (make sure to get SD version) also isn't too bad.

Original Tsukihime is weirdly easy for a supposed chuunige.

Utawarerumono also doesn't seem too bad.

Harder games that are still reasonable (Don't do before at least two games from the previous two categories)

Fate Stay: Really chuuni vocab sometimes. Not insanely hard or anything though, just occasionally chuuni

White Album 2: Strangely large vocab for what it is, pretty prose

Subarashiki Hibi: Confusing

Saya no Uta: WAY harder than anything else here, but short enough that you should be fine

Tsuriotsu: If you want to read Oretsuba at some point, this is probably the thing to play. Big line length, slang, language misunderstandings, but incredibly easy vocabulary. The prologue is written by the Oretsuba writer, so brace yourself for the first hour or two, after which its much easier